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We Fight Targeted Harassment of Faculty

Placed on watchlists. Harassed on social media. Threatened. This is becoming normal in an environment increasingly hostile to faculty. Find out how you can join the campaign against faculty harassment on your campus and across the country.

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We Promote Academic Freedom in the Classroom

Proposed legislation that would ban teaching about social justice. Surreptitious filming of classes. Threats to withhold funding from public institutions over controversial courses. Academic freedom in the classroom is under attack like never before. Join the fight to protect it.

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We Fight Political Interference

Legislation designed to take decision making power away from campus communities is being proposed in more and more states, ranging from attacks on academic unions to the elimination of tenure at public institutions to restriction to what can be taught. The need for concerted action to protect academic independence and faculty voice is urgent. Get involved now.

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We Unite Faculty

Attacks on academic unions, faculty governance, or other groups to exercise a voice on their campus are concerted and widespread. Learn how we can join together to protect your right to be heard in the workplace.

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