Free Speech on Campus

"Campus Free-Speech" bills are on the rise in state legislatures across the country. From Arizona to North Carolina, conservative lawmakers under the influence of influential right-wing billionaires are introducing model bills to suppress dissent on campus. Behind this legislation are powerful libertarian forces, including the Koch brothers-funded think tank The Goldwater Institute.

Join us in taking a closer look at the Goldwater Institute and its effort to disempower higher education through unnecessary “free-speech” legislation.

Here’s how: check out the toolkit we created (see below) to help inform and guide you in taking action on the issue. It includes a primer on the issue, five actions you can take, and a phone script and talking points for calling legislators.

We held  a Facebook Live with AAUP political organizer Monica Owens to help provide an overview of the toolkit. You can watch that video here or on our Facebook page.

A Toolkit to Take on the Legislating of Free Speech on Campus

Want more?

The AAUP’s Committee on Government Relations recently released report “Campus Free-Speech Legislation: History, Progress, and Problems,” which examines the context and content of the “campus free-speech” movement, to track its influence within state legislatures, and to draw some conclusions concerning the best ways to respond to it. Read the report here.

Pen America’s Guide to Campus Free Speech

Free speech has become a flashpoint for controversy on campuses across the U.S. This resource from Pen America for faculty, staff, and students provides practical, principled guidance for how campuses can best remain open to all voices. Check that out here. 

Get the Word Out

Spread the word about what’s important. Download the sign to hang at your office. Click here for a printable PDF.


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