Turning Point on Campus

Check out our toolkits explaining the organization behind the Professor Watchlist and what to do if they're active on your campus.

AAUP joined an amicus brief in the case

Supreme Court hears Janus v. AFSCME Arguments

Read the amicus brief and learn more about the case, which threatens collective bargaining.

AAUP Joins Amicus Brief in Sanctuary Jurisdiction Case

Brief argues executive order stripping funding from sanctuary jurisdictions negatively impact colleges’ and universities’ ability to carry out their public mission.

Fighting the Targeted Harassment of Faculty

Faculty Under Attack

The AAUP is taking a close look at the problem of targeted harassment and what you can do to fight back.

New Brief Filed

AAUP Joins NEA in Arguing for Strong Unions

Amicus brief filed with Supreme Court in Janus v. AFSCME

One Faculty, One Resistance

Democracy thrives on dissent, critical inquiry, free speech, and free research. Today more than ever, these things are under attack. Academics are being targeted and harassed and the freedom to join together on the job is in jeopardy. Producers of independent thought and knowledge, including faculty, scientists, and journalists, are threatened. Join the resistance.

Featured Campaigns

We Fight Targeted Harassment of Faculty

Placed on watchlists. Harassed on social media. Threatened. This is becoming normal in an environment increasingly hostile to faculty. Find out how you can join the campaign against faculty harassment on your campus and across the country.

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We Promote Academic Freedom in the Classroom

Proposed legislation that would ban teaching about social justice. Surreptitious filming of classes. Threats to withhold funding from public institutions over controversial courses. Academic freedom in the classroom is under attack like never before. Join the fight to protect it.

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We Fight Political Interference

Legislation designed to take decision making power away from campus communities is being proposed in more and more states, ranging from attacks on academic unions to the elimination of tenure at public institutions to restriction to what can be taught. The need for concerted action to protect academic independence and faculty voice is urgent. Get involved now.

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We Unite Faculty

Attacks on academic unions, faculty governance, or other groups to exercise a voice on their campus are concerted and widespread. Learn how we can join together to protect your right to be heard in the workplace.

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We Protect the Right to Conduct Research Freely

Freedom in research is fundamental to the advancement of truth. In an increasingly divisive political environment research funding comes with more strings attached and faces hostile cuts. Take a stand to protect freedom in research.

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