We Promote Academic Freedom in the Classroom

Proposed legislation that would ban teaching about social justice. Surreptitious filming of classes. Threats to withhold funding from public institutions over controversial courses. Academic freedom in the classroom is under attack like never before. Join the fight to protect it.

The freedom to teach extends from such fundamental issues as the choice of course materials, preparation of the syllabus, and the conduct of lectures to the assignment of grades. Recent attacks on the freedom to teach have focused particularly on courses that address controversial social issues.

We see the classroom as a crucial venue for the quest for truth–a place where teachers and students must be free to examine and test all facts and ideas. That’s why we defend your right to teach free from constraints imposed by donors, legislators, religious authorities, or administrators.

Fight for Academic Freedom

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The packet includes FAQs for faculty in the wake of the 2016 election, the reports Freedom in the Classroom and On Trigger Warnings, and “Faculty Rights in the Classroom,” an article from the September–October 2017 issue of Academe Magazine.

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